Farm sales

Open Friday afternoon at 14-18

You can buy seasonal vegetables mm. in our farm sale. If you are unable to come Friday we can pack and put it aside for your collection. In addition, self-service.

Within open hours you are welcome to look around in the fields and in the greenhouse.

Hegnstrups sale is based on vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit, eggs etc. produced on the farm. We have a wide selection of the season’s products. In addition, we supplement with a little fruit from the bio dynamic neighboring orchard Bellingehus and winter fruit, and some vegetables through the organic neighboring farm Buresødal.

All products are organic.

Vegetables mm
We grow almost all kinds Danish vegetables in fields and in greenhouses and small amounts of fruit. Additionally produced honey and eggs from our hens.

The farm has a small production of meat from cows / calves and sheep / lamb.

The meat is cut up in small pieces and delivered directly from the butcher, where it is also checked by the vet. The meat is sold in half lamb and the calf in portion on 25 kilo mixed from the whole animal.

A god advise is to contact Allan by mail or phone. The animals are slaughtered in the late summer and autumn.

You can buy or order bunch of flowers, wreath or other flower arrangement with flowers from the season – both cultivated and wild.